Customer Communications Management

(StreamServe-based solutions)
Development of turn-key OpenText StreamServe-based solutions to help organizations effectively manage business communications.

Aiding organizations to effectively manage business communications

N-iX has over decade’s experience with OpenText StreamServe (Communication Center Enterprise) – the high end Customer Communications Management software that improves and automates customer engagement with personalized letters and invoices. We helped over 100 clients to increase the return of their investments with OpenText StreamServe.
With our solutions customers minimized costs associated with implementing changes to invoices, eliminated delays for payment receipts, introduced new communication channels, improved customer service and reduced customer complaints and manual workload.
We offer full-cycle StreamServe integration including:

  • Project design and development

  • Solution architecture

  • 3rd party software integration

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Performance optimization

  • Version upgrades

  • Post-production support

Industries we serve



Consumer friendly mobile and web applications, BSS/OSS software solutions, VoIP services and deep industry expertise


Finance & Banking

Comprehensive software solutions for financial and banking institutions



Full-cycle development of innovative healthcare, biotech and life science software solutions



Software development solutions for traditional insurance and InsurTech companies


Improved customer engagement

StreamServe allows large enterprises to interact more efficiently with customers by leveraging personally relevant information and offering document delivery to large numbers of customers through multiple communication channels.

Smart automation

By automating document execution and handling processes and eliminating most costly and error-prone manual document handling, StreamServe can lower paperwork flow cost, improve documentation accuracy and speed up enterprise performance.

Focus on users

Through its easy-to learn authoring tools, StreamServe gives hands-on control of the documents to non-technical users such as designers, marketing managers, customer support agents, and legal staff to efficiently create and use marketing messages, campaigns, and cross/upsell offers, and to control how and when this content is automatically included in customer correspondence.

Increased business processes efficiency

StreamServe can make your organization’s customer communication faster, more reliable and efficient by adopting to your existing business processes and automating document production.

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