Building dedicated teams of developers in Ukraine 
for technology companies

Since 2002, we have built R&D teams in our Lviv and Kyiv development centers for Novell, OpenText,
Currency Cloud and over 30 other firms across a variety of business domains and technology stacks.

Clients about their experience

Experience of op5 and StreamServe, clients of 5 and 10 years
Dedicated team for StreamServe
The guys here are very well trained and they pick up easily once you get them involved in your project
Kaj Nylen, Director of Offshore Development, StreamServe
Dedicated team for StreamServe
I’ve been working with N-iX for about 7 years. I would definitely recommend them
Petter Eriksson, VP of Engineering (2005-2012), StreamServe
Dedicated team for Op5
At the time we were in the need of resources. With N-iX we got to start a team of five persons in three months.
Johannes Dagemark, PM and Co-founder, op5

What we do

We help software vendors and innovative startups develop high-end IT solutions while removing the complexities of hiring and maintaining additional in-house personnel.
set up your dedicated team of developers in Ukraine that works exclusively on your projects and is fully integrated into your company’s processes and culture.
foster continuous, effective communication and collaboration between the dedicated team and your location.
ensure that all the necessary facilities and equipment are in place for effective, efficient and quality operations.
integrate your dedicated team of developers in Ukraine with your in-house team ensuring communication runs smoothly and processes are clear.
provide a sound work environment that helps your dedicated team achieve high levels of performance and creativity.

8 reasons to partner with us:

N-iX is present in Ukraine’s two largest IT hubs, Lviv and Kyiv, which allows your business to tap into 54% of Ukrainian IT talent pool that amounts to over 40,000 professionals (, 2014).
We realize a happy client can translate into continued business. Over the course of 13 years, we have managed to build some enduring relationships with our clients that has resulted in many multi-year projects such as StreamServe (10 years) and Anoto (9 years). Business we get from clients referrals still constitutes a big part of our new business and investing in the success of our existing clients is our biggest effort in winning new business.
We are neither too big to care nor too small to cope. We are purposely designed and operate as a nimble and responsive mid-sized organization that is able to listen and quickly respond to ever-growing client requirements. We treasure all our clients and are able to build personal relationships with our client teams. At the same time, we have the expertise and capacities to complete projects of any complexity. As well as, the facilities to hire and maintain dedicated teams of the required size.
We have demonstrated continuous growth throughout our history, and a strong commitment to the core business of custom software development. The people who started the company continue to run it. This has helped us keep management and senior developers’ turnover rate far below the industry rate and has been a valuable contribution to our successful record of return clients and employees.
We have managed to preserve our startup culture as we have grown. Openness and honesty along with the spirit of innovation and collaboration are the backbone of our business. We make sure we remain a nimble, agile company, and our employees get the freedom and tools to drive our growth and development from bottom up.
Dedicated teams at N-iX have been enhancing development departments of a number of prominent American and European software development companies and startups. Еvery time they used the latest technologies and executed projects of various complexities. Including projects such as a full-cycle development of high-tech hardware and software for a multi-format routing systems provider and development of embedded software for a digital writing manufacturer. There are very few technologies our client dedicated teams have not used and no missions that have not been completed.
The management team at N-iX, including the CEO, is fully comprised of ex-developers. This rare combination of technical and business skills allows us to always be on the same page with our customers. Also, because our management team is highly technical, the whole company is stronger. We continuously leverage new technology in partnership with our clients and promote the culture of innovation, which enables dedicated development teams to bring the most value to our clients’ projects.
Our client dedicated teams are provided with all the infrastructure and tools necessary for efficient operations. Such as, fault tolerant high speed Internet connection, private virtualization cloud for testing and pre-production purposes, as well as, network and physical separation to ensure maximum confidentiality. Furthermore, we provide our clients with a monitoring system and ITIL-based troubleshooting.
We are a mid-sized software development company of over 300 professionals.
Currently we employ over 20 client dedicated teams. Team size ranges from five to 50 experts.
Travelling to our development offices in Lviv and Kyiv is very easy. Lviv International Airport hosts 13 foreign airlines and operates regular flights to major international destinations such as Vienna, Munich, Warsaw, Istanbul and many others. The airport is just a 15 minute drive from our office. In Kyiv there are two international airports Boryspil and Zhulyany that cover all major destinations in Europe and North America.
No. When you hire a team with us, you pay a monthly fee and we take care of all the tax liabilities and all other compensatory expenses.
It usually takes three months to start a team of five people. However, every client situation is different so this time could vary.
Yes, you are welcome to participate in the screening process.
We can help you do that. We talk with your team and check how happy they are with their work and see if there are any motivation or other issues that we can help you fix.