About the company
We found the company in 2002 as a tech startup… Novell acquired our technology, and then we worked with Novell as an engineering company developing this product further. Some managers recommended us to other companies…
Andrew Pavliv, CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Our Timeline

200 professionals

Key events:

N-iX opened a development office in Kyiv.

N-iX became OpenText Authorized Partner.
N-iX partnered with Mobile Trading Partners, a London-based company that delivers mobile apps, website UIs and widgets with a particular focus on FX.

N-iX started collaboration with a Norwegian media group Schibsted in the area of web and mobile development.
N-iX also started collaboration with several companies from the UK and the US that operate in Labor Management and Innovative Healthcare industries. Projects include the development of employee scheduling and labor management solution for Hospitality industry and a solution to transform traditional approach to treating diseases like cancer by using genomic testing data.

170 professionals

Key events:

N-iX developed and released an online booking platform together with and for Book2Meet. The platform allows users to find a meeting space that is close to them whether they are looking for a business centre, a meeting room in a hotel, or the hidden gem of the city.

N-iX started collaboration with 8 new companies that work in industries ranging from Financial Services and Communications to Document Processing. The companies include Orbus SoftwareKodimeTop ConnectDebreuck Neirynckb-to-vAgilisAddoro and Spamdrain. Client geography includes the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the Baltics.

150 professionals

Key events:

N-iX started collaboration with Currency Cloud, a UK financial technology company that owns and operates international payments technology platform. The platform delivers FX conversion and payments as a cloud based web service and allows its customers to deliver any foreign exchange payments related service to one another simpler and at a lower cost than regular service providers.

N-iX partnered with Schad, the owner of a technology that integrates IBM knowledge management system and meter data to monitor and control various processes from a cell phone.

N-iX set up a team of developers for a US technology media startup that is building a powerful, cutting-edge platform that instantly connects people everywhere with thousands of professional journalists and original news content providers, fostering quality journalism and enabling faster, more effective decisions.

N-iX started collaboration with Book2Meet, a Belgian company that makes meeting rooms bookable online.

140 professionals

Key events:

N-ix celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

DDC model proves its efficiency and expectations since major Dedicated Development Teams during the N-iX history keep their growth. Due to constant development of projects the N-iX team grows to more than 140 professionals.

In the upcoming year N-iX anticipates an increase in teams and the rise of new interesting projects to gain new experience and expertise.

130 professionals

Key events:

The largest Canadian software development company, OpenText, becomes an N-iX customer.

Having mobile expertise, N-iX is selected by OpenText Mobile to run outsource services for its new acquisition breakthrough technology, Mobile Wave Platform.

Along with big Clients services start grow and projects evolve. Because of products’ complexity increase a possibility of inaccuracy and bugs. In order to maintain quality of services, N-iX opens a Test House. Test house consolidates of all the projects’ test teams under the same standards and methods to maintain consistency and structure among N-iX products.

Apart of core activities N-iX focuses on innovations and this passion leads company to new experience with startups. As a result this year brings 2 new startup Clients: Recorded Future and Meshin, a Xerox Funded Startup at Palo Alto Research Centre. Two new startup clients begin partnerships with N-iX – Recorded Future and Meshin, a Xerox Funded Startup at Palo Alto Research Centre.

80 professionals

Key events:

N-iX starts collaboration with innovative projects and invests into startups from US and Europe. Innovative application for mobile devices ThickButtons comes on the stage.

Besides startups, N-iX launches the Professional Services Team for implementation of design for complete architecture of complex systems – Genpact. This client helps to define the business-model for own business operations based on the “Cost+” approach.

60 professionals

Key events:

N-iX enters a brand new market of house controlling system (a.k.a. smart house systems). The first 6 months pass very intensively: new office in Sweden, participation in CEBIT and various expositions representing expertise.

N-iX enters deep into financial domain through the development of services and extension of relations with stock-exchange projects.

50 professionals

Key events:

N-iX focuses on the existing Clients. Big attention is devoted to the quality of Services that were integrated through last two years. N-iX makes a strong accent to management competencies. As a result in one year N-iX becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner and SUN Associated Partner for its outstanding performance.

High-tech focus brings N-iX new projects based on most progressive technologies of hardware architecture. Extremely complex technologies requires from N-iX proof of the professional expertise.

N-iX invests into R&D growth and this enables the company to gain competencies in high-tech services delivery.

40 professionals

Key events:

Culture of innovations that is constantly cultivated at N-iX brings new interesting high-tech nearshore project from Mediornet an Austrian hardware engineering company.

N-iX manages to finalize the delivery of full-cycle development services and starts Support Engineering Service of 2nd and 3rd lines with StreamServe.

N-iX initiates transformation of the business model into the Cost+ to provide customers with easy and transparent explanations of the value and cost of their projects.

30 professionals

Key events:

New services such as Professional Services, QA and Maintenance are added into the R&D team of StreamServe at N-iX.

Dynamic development of relations with StreamServe makes N-iX launch the brand new service, Professional Services Crew for StreamServe.

N-iX starts implementation of Scandinavian business standards and approaches towards business management. This decision helps N-iX to grow with 2 new Scandinavian Clients.


25 professionals

Key events:

By the reference from VP of Novell N-iX starts collaboration with StreamServe (now part of OpenText), a Swedish document presenter provider, and launches the long-term Dedicated Development Centre.

This event shapes the whole future for N-iX , changing the focus of the company from simple software development to the model of Dedicated Development Centers. This transformation leads to impressive list of short-term software and hardware projects accomplished.

N-iX enters into the financial domain with MyForexApplication by Finatek Dedicated Development Centre which allows nearly real-time processing and handling hundreds of messages.


12 professionals

Key events:

First positive references appear and N-iX starts cooperation with new Customers to develop high-tech engineering solutions.

N-iX launches Products Development Laboratory to research and produce solutions together with improvements for business processes. One of the initial products is a CD running N-iX Linux with connection to NetWare service.


6 professionals

Key events:

N-iX successfully releases a cross-platform Linux Netware Client for Novell GroupWiseand Novell acquires N-iX technology.

N-iX starts operating as an engineering unit for Novell to maintain Linux Netware Client.


3 professionals

Key events:

Two Ukrainian software engineers in partnership with a German colleague set up N-iX in Lviv.

N-iX begins development of Linux Netware Client for Novell: technology that connects Linux with Novell products and enables work online with desktop.